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Group Walks

Group walks are a great way for your pup to get their daily exercise and playtime with other dogs. We pick your dog up, take them on a one-hour adventure and drop them off when we’re done. Our “packs” are limited to a maximum of 6 dogs, so they’ll get plenty of water, healthy treats and affection! We use positive reinforcement to work on basic training and make sure your dog spends plenty of time playing, walking and sniffing!

60 minute walk: 3 days per week = $20/walk, 5 days per week = $15/walk

Solo Walks

If your dog scares easily, needs a slower-paced walk because of age or injury, has trouble interacting with other dogs or just likes walks better by themself, then a solo walk is just what they need. We pick your pooch up at your house and take them on a leashed walk around your neighborhood. Using positive reinforcement and healthy treats, we work on basic training and socialization with other dogs and people, making sure your pup gets plenty of exercise and affection!

15 minute walk:
 3 days per week = $25/walk, 5 days per week = $20/walk
30 minute walk: 3 days per week = $30/walk, 5 days per week = $25/walk

Home Visits

Sometimes a long walk may not be best for your pup because of age, injury or illness, but they still need playtime and a potty break. We’ll come to your home, make sure your dog gets outside to do their “business”, give your pup plenty of attention and take care of whatever else you may need. We can give your dog their mid-day medicine, feed them, brush them, or just give them a good belly rub!

30 minute walk: 3 days per week = $30/walk, 5 days per week = $25/walk

Pet Taxi

Vet appointment? Time for a grooming or does you pup need a ride to day care? We’ll make sure your pets get where they need to go safe and sound. We pick your dog up in an air-conditioned vehicle and make sure they get to their destination on time!

Vet Visit: $55
Groomer / Doggie Daycare Drop Off: $20
Groomer / Doggie Daycare Pickup: $20
Groomer / Doggie Daycare Drop Off & Pickup: $30

(Taxi Service does not include service provider’s cost)

Overnights in Your Home

Whether you’re on a one-night business trip or a two-week vacation we’re there when you can’t be!  Pup-a-go-go offers experienced and professional pet care in your home.

Overnight Dog Care (walks included): 7pm – 7am = $80
(Overnights at client’s home only. $25 surcharge for holidays.)